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CoZzy App

… is a travel and hospitality app. It enables guests to unlock their room and overview all the hotel’s facilities, book services quickly, and communicate with the staff without effort or waiting. Once we established the logo and branding, we created the UI and UX for the app.

Project type

Mobile Application

Our role

Branding, UX design, UI design



Coming soon!

The task

Create the UX and UI for a travel and hospitality app. The CoZzy team already had an idea about what they wanted and shared several screens with basic UX with us. They also needed a brand identity and UI that targets modern tech-savvy travel addicts.

The solution

After reviewing client requirements and the screens they had, we decided to go deeper with a discovery process. Together, we went through a workshop that helped us prioritize features and add several new ones. 

Logo & Branding

Keywords for logo inspiration were smart tech, smart homes, IoT, as well as travel, hospitality, comfort, and cozy. We designed a logo with a double Z for a comfortable night of sleep in a hotel. 

Style guide

Visual Identity

With the palette of vibrant colors with black that serves to balance everything, the brand evokes a fresh and expressive feeling.



Keynote Presentation

Clearly defined guidelines enabled consistent usage of brand elements. This way the CoZzy app maintains a clear, unified brand identity.

UX & Wireframing

We put a strong focus on efficiency and ease of use. It was essential to prioritize features to help users achieve the final goal without frustration. As the app is intended for mobile screens, it was important to eliminate friction.

Discovery Process

A basic version of risk/value and MoSCoW analyses helped the CoZzy team realize what needs to be done immediately to have a valuable MVP, but also that some features can be delayed for later stages.


Product features

All the essential features for a traveler are easily accessible on this screen.

  • The information about the location and the room they are staying in.

  • The services they are most likely to use: directions to the location, chat with the hotel staff, WiFi information, and taxi services.

  • The most important and thus most visible feature on this screen is the lock/unlock room button.

User Interface

The information is carefully structured, and we paid a lot of attention to thumb zones and decreasing the number of clicks. We also ensured to make the login process easy and frustration-free.