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Product Discovery Workshops

Let’s create roadmaps for ideas.

Your team & our team making the best of your project in a workshop tailored to your needs.

So, if you are:

Planning a large-scale project and need help estimating the scope, budget & time, and prioritizing goals & features

Already working on a project but you got stuck with too many different ideas & features, and need to up your game

Thinking up ideas left and right but you’re not sure who would benefit from them & what users really need

Working together, we will be able to list your core features and create a realistic estimate of your project’s cost and duration. BMP workshops* will help you define your Minimum Viable Product, streamline the product development process, define goals, and predict potential obstacles. 

Logistics & Participants

The workshop logistics is quite simple. All the workshops can be either done online or on-site. You don’t need to know or install any special tools, because we can easily work over Zoom, Skype, Meet, or whatever channel you prefer.


You should include members of your team who are most familiar with your project’s idea and vision and will be involved in the execution

Production team

Jelena – Team lead 

is responsible for preparing and facilitating the workshop. She will guide the process and make sure all the goals of the workshop are met.

Vladimir – Lead developer

who will advise on the technical aspect of requirements and features, and how some aspects of the project should be handled.

Bojana – Design lead & CEO

provides expert opinion and ways to solve issues from the UX and UI design aspects. Also, the person who will help you arrange the workshop sessions.

Sneak peek into a workshop agenda

These are some of the exercises that are often part of the sessions as they proved to be effective for many clients. They help us approach the project and problems from different angles.

User goals

Before defining any features, we need to determine what users want to do, their goals, and how they are achieved. We need to discover which parts of the app serve which type of user and how important they are. All this helps us define and prioritize the features in the next step.

Defining features

Once the user goals are figured out, we can proceed with listing and defining the necessary steps to achieve them. Thanks to this phase you will have a list of features described in detail and ready for the beginning of development.


The lists of features can be very extensive, and they need to be prioritized. We aim to determine a minimal set of features that brings the greatest value for the project in the optimal amount of time. 


Methods like MSCW and Risk/Value analysis will help us determine risks and values from the aspects of business, development, design, and users. Thus we will be able to make informed decisions about what goes into your Best Minimal Product.

The final result of the workshop depends on the type of project and topics we cover. However, we will create a detailed and streamlined production plan. Furthermore, you’ll have a production team with a deep insight into the project’s goals and expectations.

You will get:

Guided Sessions

In one or more 4-hour sessions, we will work together to establish a quality path for your project.

Project Roadmap

After the workshop, you have everything necessary to start working right away.

Fully Customized

Every workshop is prepared differently and tailored to the needs of your project.

Join us on the way to creating better digital experiences.