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Explorer Academy

… is an online education platform with a vision to enable young Africans to thrive by connecting them to global opportunities.

Project type

Website Design

Our role

UX design, UI design, Web Design





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The task

Create a website design for an online education platform that offers high-quality education and aims at creating equal opportunities for young people in Africa.

The solution

We created a simple and unobtrusive design that is, at the same time, reflective of the idea and every aspect of the brand. The website is informational and adapted to the target audience.

Style guide

Educational website style guide

We chose a bright modern color scheme that would be attractive to college students. Simple fonts make all the content easy to read. We used illustrations for quick navigation.




Style guide

Educational website style guide

As this is an educational platform, content is an essential element, but we wanted to create a balance between content and appearance. We included attractive images and made a creative layout that is still easy to navigate.

Educational website style guide

We made a user-friendly site that flows smoothly from page to page. We wanted to avoid user-frustration by minimizing the number of clicks when they need to reach the important information.

Responsive design

We created a responsive layout, fully adaptable to all screens and devices. We also made sure that the website is entirely responsive and cross-browser compatible.

Collateral design

We designed graphics ready to promote the brand and support the marketing of the platform.