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This 21st century primary and secondary school provides online classes with world-class teachers from around the world. For the platform that provides world-class education, the ultimate user experience is a priority.

Project type

Website Design

Our role

UX design, UI design, Web Design





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The task

Create a UX and UI website design for an online education platform that offers high-quality education for children in primary and secondary schools.

The solution

Creating a website UX and UI that’s intended for very young users. That platform needs to provide ease of use as well as be visually appealing and engaging.

Branding for Explorer School


We created a logo that is visually interesting to both children and parents. We wanted to show the bright future for the young students and provide a logo that can evolve and mature with them.

Custom icon set

All the icons on the website are custom created to unify and support the brand message and clear communication with the audience. They maintain the consistency of the website’s look and feel.

Custom illustrations+Photographs

Photographs of children over custom illustrations provided a new level of fun and creativity to the website. It’s an element that enhances the brand’s personality and individuality and allows the audience to connect on a different level.

Style guide

The brand is represented by bold colors, iconography, and typography to express its attributes – energy, playfulness, and fun. The style of the brand is intended to encourage children to explore, imagine, play, and learn in a fun way.



Website design

The website provides a seamless user experience thanks to clear navigation, information structure, and responsiveness.

Easy navigation

The website has clear navigation that leads the user to the necessary information or helps them complete an action. All the information is clearly structured and divided into sections to provide seamless flow.

Responsive design

UX and UI for the Explorer School are designed to be fully adaptable to all screen sizes. The website is fast-loading and works in all modern browsers. That way, we made sure that the users can access anything they need from any device wherever they are.

Collateral design

Create a website design for an online education platform that offers high-quality education and aims at creating equal opportunities for young people in Africa platform that offers high-quality education and aims young people.