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Naming Your Business — How we became Moye Design

If you are in the process of naming your company, believe us we feel you. Not long ago, moye was a nameless little design team, but we knew we could do wonders because of our passion for everything digital and our wish to always know what’s coming next. 

We created a business, we created an awesome multifunctional team of UX and UI designers, found great partners in developers and marketers. We even had a few fun projects to work on. But then came the moment when we had to define it all with a name. It turned out it’s easier said than done. 


Naming your business

Ok, we started with a Viber group of teammates and friends. Everyone was contributing, but the name that was to define us turned out to be a pesky little bugger, constantly getting away from us. That’s when we finally realized it was the time to take out the big guns – a brainstorming session.

So, the 5 of us gathered in our founder Bojana’s apartment equipped with pens, markers, paper, and a lot of beer and pizza. It’s good to have a relaxed atmosphere and a comfortable space for a brainstorming session, so all the conditions were satisfied.



A few naming techniques that helped us

We started without a direction first, a word dump of raw ideas. We were writing down words that we thought could be fun names, but nothing stuck. Then we tried writing down words from a thesaurus. We filled sheets and sheets of paper with words, and a few drawings – because if Prince could do it, why not? 

Then we started translating words to other languages, and a few good ideas were hiding there. For every idea that we liked, we googled if there was a business with the same name and if there was a domain available.

At that time, Bojana had a thing where she would take things from people and say Moje! which means mine in our language. She also did that if someone would touch or try to pick up anything on her desk. It was a game that we were all playing eventually, an internal joke, and you could often hear someone randomly exclaiming Moje! during the day.

Somehow, we started playing with the word moje. First, we changed the spelling adding y instead of j, and we decided it looked way cooler. Then, we realized that it consisted of the syllables of Bojana’s father’s nickname, and if you repeated the word fast, it sounded like you’re calling him, and that was another plus.

We googled the word to make sure it had no weird meanings or definitions, and to our surprise, we found out it actually meant a few really cool things. Moye is an idyllic little village in France. Moye is also a surname and a given name, and it means “With Royalty”,  and that’s totally cool with us.




Moye.design was born

The more we were searching and thinking about it the more we liked it. After a few very intense hours when we were all at the end of our strengths, we actually had the name for the business that we liked, and most importantly Bojana liked and felt it related to the brand and vision she imagined for the team.

As we like to say, in our language moye means mine, and that’s how proud we were of our brand new design team – it meant that we do our thing. The point is that we feel that everything around moye.design is our project, our mission, and every client we get is our partner.

Although moye.design is a product of years and years of creative work and experience of its team members, right now it’s something brand new for all of us. The name we found for our business will, hopefully, reflect all of its different meanings in our future work.

*Written by Marija Jamandilovski (UX and content writer)